Power AdapterMX9463V 2.5mm

Power Adapter MX946 3V 2.5mm

The Sony Ericsson MX946 adapter works in conjunction with your 3-volt Sony Ericsson cellular telephone and a variety of assistive listening accessories* to create the ultimate hearing solution. Simply plug one end of the adapter into your Sony Ericsson cellular telephone and the other end into the 2.5mm assistive listening accessory. **

*Assistive listening accessories are designed to serve individuals with hearing loss.

**Required 2.5mm assistive listening accessories: headsets, the CLA7 UltraClear™ Sound Shaping Neckloop, the HATIS, TTY’s, etc.

Works with Sony Ericsson cellular telephone models: J100a, J220A, K510a, K790a, W300i, W600, W600i, W710i, W712a, W800, W810i, Z520a, Z525a, Z710i, Z712a (for all other models not listed, please call with model number for cellular adapter recommendation HT-ERT28 or ER-CABLE)